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Microsoft's cybercrime lab

Microsoft dedicates cybercrime center

Microsoft's cybercrime center will feature researchers working alongside Microsoft employees as a focal point for the online struggle.

Businesses suffer from a false sense of security, study shows

McAfee says small and midsize businesses are suffering from a false sense of security, based on a recent study that showed a high degree of confidence that their data and devices were safe from attackers, despite industry research and evidence to the contrary.

Federal standards agency recommends ways businesses can improve cybersecurity

A new version of a cybersecurity framework from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology aims to help businesses assess their readiness.

Brace for stronger DDoS attacks, security firm warns

The average size of DDoS attacks is still climbing with the number breaching 20Gbps around four times the level seen a year ago, according to Arbor Networks.

Turns out young people want to be actors, not cyber security professionals

According to a new study by Raytheon, far too few are interested in a career in cyber security.

Lawmaker: Snowden may have had help with leaks

Edward Snowden’s access to information he shouldn’t have known existed raises questions about whether he had help collecting information, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Thursday.

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NSA encryption-defeating efforts will backfire, privacy advocates say

The NSA has defeated encryption through a variety of means, including through reported backdoors in online services and covert compromises in encryption standards, according to news reports last month.

NSA chief asks tech firms to team on cybesecurity

While some experts welcome the opportunity to share security procedures with government agencies, another considers it a Trojan horse for more access to Americans' communications.

NSA seeks tighter ties to tech despite issues of data-sharing

The National Security Agency's director of information assurance said the route to "confidence in cyberspace" is to increase collaboration between the government and the high-tech industry.