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Cassette tapes pop art

Celebrate the cassette tape's 50th birthday by repurposing them

The cassette tape turns 50 today. Here's ways to keep that box of old tapes in your mom's basement from going to waste.


How to solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself

PC trouble? Try fixing the problem yourself with some advice from tech-support experts.

DIY iPad screen replacement: It saves money, but it's not for the faint of heart

Why pay someone to fix your broken iPad screen when you can just do it yourself? (Because it might be hard and not work well, but that's another story.)


Lego and Arduino come together to make one powerful RC car

A high-schooler built an RC car out of Lego kits, Arduino boards and other electronic parts—and shows you how you can make your own.


Water-cooled Raspberry Pi looks hot, runs cool

In today’s hardcore Raspberry Pi project, James Couzens machines his own badass water-cooling rig for the computer-on-a-stick.


The LittleBox turns your Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one PC

What would happen if an iMac and a MakerBot Replicator married and had a kid? I'm not entirely sure, but I imagine it would look a something like the LittleBox.


The Fairywren board turns your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged desktop computer

Fairywren is perfect for converting your Raspberry Pi into a Mini-ITX computer.


This 3D-printed mechanical computer puts both old and new tech to good use

One engineer tries to build the simplest kind of computer possible, using nuts, bolts and 3D printed parts


DigiX is an inexpensive, powerful Arduino-compatible board with onboard Wi-Fi

Supporting all existing Arduino Due libraries and even shields, but coming with onboard Wi-Fi and nearly 100 i/o pins, the DigiX makes me wonder why you’d bother with a Due in the first place.


UDOO is quad-core computer-on-a-stick that also does everything Arduino

The UDOO is a mini computer board does everything: Android, Linux, Arduino. It slices, it dices…you get the idea.