Don't-Miss Stories

Raspberry Pi's $25 camera add-on inches closer, may come next month

Raspberry Pi might be getting a $25 five-megapixel camera add-on next month.


The Gizmo board is a tiny AMD-powered x86 microcontroller

AMD teams up with GizmoSphere to develop its first x86 microcontroller board that's powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor.


This computer in a briefcase gives new meaning to the term 'casemod'

Who needs a typical computer case when you can just cram it all into a suitcase instead? (Don't answer that.)

Gigabyte wants you to build your own all-in-one

Gigabyte and Intel try to prove that DIY is not dead in the PC world, offering components that let users build their own AIO PCs.

Modder stuffs Raspberry Pi into Super NES case, makes clever use of acronym

A chap named Waterbury has made a Raspberry-Pi powered Super NES. He calls it the Super Nintendo Emulated System. We Approve.


New Lego Mindstorms will bring better robotics to kids and grown-ups alike

Like building with Mindstorms kits? Lego has something for you, but you'll have to wait a while...

FruitStand wants to give Raspberry Pi a place to stand; other fruit not welcome

Not all Kickstarter projects have to promise life-changing innovations. FruitStand is just looking to make life with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino tidier.


Make your old Game Boy Advance cool again by turning it into an arcade cabinet

Don't throw away your old handheld consoles; turn them into miniature arcade cabinets instead!


Arduino Esplora

Arduino Esplora gives you a handle on game-based hardware modding

If you want to play with an Arduino board, without the hassle of extra soldering and locating parts, check out the Arduino Esplora.


R2-D2 PC casemod is the droid you're looking for

Star Wars is, for obvious reasons, a perennial favorite in this here parts. But while we've covered a whole bunch of things inspired by the franchise, this R2-D2 PC casemod might be one of the finest tributes to the series we've seen yet.