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E-signatures: The complete guide to paperless signing

Click-to-sign documents are just as legal as pen-and-paper versions. Here's how to implement e-signatures in your small business.

Discuss and organize team projects with Dispatch

Known internally as "Finder for the cloud," this team-collaboration service just rolled out of beta. But it's missing one key ingredient.

App Spotlight: FineReader Touch brings multi-lingual OCR scanning to iOS

Need to convert a paper document into editable text? This app does it—in your choice of 42 languages

How to adjust the page zoom in Word 2010

Are you constantly seeing different documents at different sizes? The elusive zoom tool holds the key.

A faster, easier, tree-saving way to share documents

TagMyDoc leverages the power of QR codes to save time and paper. And now it integrates with Box, Dropbox, and Office.

Evernote Business Bringing Note-Management Goodness to SMBs

With admin-savvy management tools, team-friendly notebook sharing, and more, Evernote Business could give your org a major productivity boost.

Save a Web Page as a PDF with Just One Click

Handy bookmarklet Web2PDF makes it simple to convert any Web page into a PDF you can download and share or store.

App Spotlight: MaxEmail Fax Turns Your iPhone into a Fax Machine

Unlike many iOS fax apps, this one can pull documents from your Dropbox, Google Docs, and iDisk accounts. Even better, it lets you fax photographed documents on the fly.

Send Faxes From Home Without a Fax Machine or Landline

You can still handle old-school document delivery even if you don't have the old-school gear.