Don't-Miss Stories

Update Drivers Easily With Driver Reviver

This free utility rates the age of your drivers from 'old' to 'very old' to 'ancient.'

Patch Now--Internet Explorer Flaw Under Attack

There are multiple exploits circulating online that attack a known flaw in the Internet Explorer browser that Microsoft has already issued a patch for.

Don't Be the Low-Hanging Fruit

Cyber criminals will generally go after the easiest targets. As long as you have better protection than the next guy you can avoid most attacks.

Microsoft Will Update Windows Update to Stymie Flame-like Attacks

Microsoft today announced it will issue an update to its Windows Update to prevent copy-cat hackers from duplicating Flame's feat of infecting fully-patched PCs.

Find and Update Out-of-Date Drivers With RadarSync PC Updater

RadarSync is a comprehensive, complete tool for identifying and updating outdated drivers.

Apple Patches Safari, Blocks Outdated Flash Player

Apple on Wednesday patched four security vulnerabilities in Safari and blocked outdated versions of Adobe's Flash Player from running in its browser.


Get Off the Vulnerability Patching Merry-Go-Round

The patch management cycle can be a real pain. Vulnerabilities are discovered, fixes are developed, and patches are installed. Rinse, and repeat.

Microsoft Fixes Critical Flaws with Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft released seven security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, but two in particular should get priority attention according to security experts.

Microsoft Slams Door on MAPP Leaks, Readies Patches

This week brings a Patch Tuesday of seven security fixes -- three critical -- plus an end to a breach that raised other security concerns.

Emergency Patches Pushed for Flash, PHP

The Adobe fix aims to cure a vulnerability in all versions of the player, but has so far been used only to attack Windows systems using Internet Explorer.