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View, Print, and Back Up Your Drivers

Fab freebie Double Driver makes simple work of preserving all your drivers. Hey, you just never know when you'll need them.

Security Firm: Microsoft Issued 'Silent' Patches

Microsoft silently patched three vulnerabilities last month, two of them affecting enterprise mission-critical Exchange mail servers, without noting the bugs in security advisories.

McAfee's Flawed Update Exposes Cloud's Weakness

McAfee's update fiasco shows even trusted providers can cause catastrophic harm.

Recovering from the Flawed McAfee Update

A faulty McAfee update brought Windows XP SP3 systems to a halt, here are some steps to revive them.

Dude, Where's My Windows 7 Print Driver?

Many HP printers still lack drivers even for Vista. Here's why so many printers are abandoned with each new operating system.

Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle Patch Nearly 100 Vulnerabilities

Today is Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday, and Adobe and Oracle are along for the wild ride.

Microsoft To Release Fix For 25 Windows Bugs

Next week will see Microsoft release a fix for 25 vulnerabilities within Windows, Office and Exchange.


Batten Down the Hatches for Microsoft and Adobe Patches

Microsoft and Adobe are patching a combined 27 vulnerabilities next Tuesday--many rated Critical.

Many Windows PCs Still Vulnerable to Conficker Worm

More than a year after doomsday reports suggested the Conficker worm would bring down the Internet, one in 10 Windows PCs still have not been patched to prevent against it.

Apple Delivers Record Security Update

Monster update patches 92 bugs in Leopard, Snow Leopard; no fix for Pwn2Own vulnerability.