Don't-Miss Stories

PerfectUpdater Locates Old Drivers and Updates Them

Excellent utility PerfectUpdater makes finding and fixing outdated drivers a snap.

Critical Updates Coming from Microsoft Next Week

Next week is Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for October, including critical updates for Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, and Silverlight.

Microsoft, Adobe Unleash Flood of Security Updates

It is a relatively light Patch Tuesday for Microsoft, but with 13 updates from Adobe as well IT admins could be in for a busy week.

Microsoft Reveals Next Week's Security Patches

A bulletin with details about five pending security updates was prematurely released.

Google's Stealth Updates: Why Nobody Else Gets Away With It

How has Google managed to get users to accept its patches while other software vendors' updates are ignored or condemned?

Microsoft Hunts Bugs with Variation on Bounty

The new BlueHat Prize rewards -- with big bucks -- fixing entire classes of flaws instead of one-at-a-time finds.

Bug Bounties: Why Paying Hackers Makes You Safer

Companies like Google and HP are paying big bucks to people who can find holes in their software.

Microsoft Plugs IE Hole Exposed in Contest

The recent patch collection addressed a lingering vulnerability exposed in the browser at the Pwn2Own hacking contest.

UpdateStar Appears Dim Compared to Other Patch-and-Update Utilities

Track which of your software is up to date, and which isn't--but be prepared to manually update them, and take UpdateStar's recommendations with a grain of salt.

Microsoft Security Patch Fixes 20-Year-Old Flaw

A 1990s-era glitch that produced the "Ping of Death" is one of nearly two dozen vulnerabilities patched Tuesday in Windows, Office, IE and other applications.