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Microsoft Readies 22 Patches for Windows, IE Next Week

Two of the 13 bulletins for August's Patch Tuesday are rated "critical," the highest threat ranking in Microsoft's four-step system, while nine are called "important."


How To Roll Back a Bad Driver

Update your machine's driver in 4 minutes or less to keep your system current on bug fixes and support for new features.

Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical Bluetooth Flaw in Windows 7

There are only four bulletins, but one of them is related to a critical flaw in the Bluetooth networking of Windows 7 and Windows Vista that could let an attacker wirelessly compromise a vulnerable system.


How To Boot From a Windows DVD or Another Optical Disc

Boot the PC from the optical drive instead of the hard drive to reinstall Windows or access repair tools loaded on your Windows DVD.

It's Still True: Texting and Driving Don't Mix

Recent studies say that at least one driver was reported to have been distracted in 15 percent to 30 percent of crashes.


Back Up Your Drivers with Free Semper Driver Backup

It's not something you need to do often, but every once in a while, use this simple utility to preserve your drivers. You never know when you might need them.

Critical Update for Windows 7 Coming Tuesday

Compared with the 16 security bulletins in June, July is like having the month off, but security experts are concerned about a Critical security bulletin impacting Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Patch Tuesday Fixes Dangerous Flaws with Exploits Imminent

Microsoft released 16 security bulletins--nine 'critical' and seven 'important'--addressing 34 vulnerabilities. Many are highly exploitable, and IT admins need to work fast to plug the holes.

Microsoft Unleashes Critical Update for Windows Server

There are only two new security bulletins for this Patch Tuesday, but one of them exposes many organizations to remote attack. IT admins need to take this light Patch Tuesday seriously.

Microsoft Gives IT Admins a Break for May Patch Tuesday

Following on the heels of a record Patch Tuesday that IT admins are still dealing with, Microsoft only has two new security bulletins planned for next week.