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PlayStation 4

How Sony can still screw up the PlayStation 4

Sony left E3 as a big fan favorite, but decisions made by the company in the coming months could deflate that balloon.


Game maker writes a love letter to classic strategy games with Massive Chalice

Double Fine's next game is being developed with an unprecedented level of fan involvement.

See the biggest games of E3, right here

There are hundreds of games on display at the industry’s biggest yearly event, but none are hotter than these.


Hands-on with the Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill

Virtuix’s Omni is an omni-directional treadmill designed for the player to move while gaming. Using it while gaming puts keyboards or gamepads to shame.


Indie games leave E3 for a press event of their own

The first annual Horizon conference showcased a ton of exciting indie games, including new games from noted developers Robin Hunicke, Keita Takahashi and Phil Fish.


Horizon Event - E3 2013

Indie game makers talk about their efforts at the first ever Horizon Event in Los Angeles.

Ubisoft's Rocksmith 2014 guitar software includes a new Session Mode tool

Rocksmith, edutainment software that teaches you how to play a real guitar under the guise of a Rock Band or Guitar Hero-esque game, now morphs into Rocksmith 2014, which has an exciting new tool called Session Mode.


PlayStation 4 (2)

Xbox One pricing paves way for Sony PS4 success

A series of blunders by Microsoft has paved the way for Sony's PlayStation 4 console to capture the top spot in year-end holiday sales.

Shiny cars! Zombies! Cosplay! All this and much more on display at E3

You may not be able to go to the biggest gaming show of the year, but if you look at enough photos, it’s just like being there.


TechHive at E3: Day Two brings out the zombies

Alex and Armando wrap up our second day of E3 festivities, where Armando was overrun with zombies, and Alex fell in love with Project Spark.


Mario who? Why nobody loves the console mascots anymore

While seeing a demo of Sonic Lost World for Nintendo Wii, Nate Ralph wonders whatever happened to the close connections between mascots like Sonic and Mario and gaming consoles.