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Scrutiny of the help section of the new application hints that the new online outlet will expand its repertoire.


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Amazon may be making a color Kindle.


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Apple iPad Aims to Revolutionize Education

The iPad might change how a traditionally non-tech worker -- the high school teacher -- performs in the classroom.


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet E-Reader, $229 has the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for $20 less than usual, with free shipping.


Ebook Publishers Want Library Borrowing to Be Difficult

Penguin drops over-the-air downloads; now only Random House gives libraries unrestricted access to purchase and loan ebooks.


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It may sound a little strange, but the SmarterComics version of this business bestseller is quite engaging. Here's your chance to read it online free of charge.

Apple Scraps Controversial Terms in iBook Author EULA Agreement

Company bows to howls by iBook authors and publishers on restrictions in