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Access Nonfiction Books and and Video With Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online offers access to a huge catalog of books and videos about computers and technology for a fixed monthly rate.

Why e-Textbooks Could Cost Students

Will Apple's recent attempt to break into the textbook market, and other rapidly evolving e-book distribution models, help to moderate soaring textbook prices? From what I've seen so far, it could do just the opposite.


Read E-Books on Your Netbook, Laptop, or PC With Kindle for PC

Kindle for PC is a very capable, full-featured and free e-book reader with great extras.

19 Percent of American Adults Own a Tablet

Tablet ownership in the U.S. nearly doubled over the fourth quarter holiday season, a Pew Research Center study reports.


Move to Digital: Lose Your Unwanted Books

Want to replace your traditional library with ebooks? Here are some sites and tools that can help you make your physical books disappear.


Using Libraries In the Age of eBooks

Matt Hamblen's recent article on ebook borrowing illustrates the difficulties libraries are facing in the digital age. It's too bad, because libraries are an important resource.


Five Ways Appleā€™s iBooks 2 Can Influence Your Business

Apple will focus the new iBooks 2 primarily on textbooks, and its success could affect businesses in many ways.

Barnes & Noble Nook Now Free -- Sort Of

Subscribe to the service, get the e-Reader essentially free; is this deal alluring enough to snag anyone? Please?


Apple Sets Date for Expected Textbook Announcement

Most observers believe that Apple will move into the textbook market, but how it will do so remains unclear.

Barnes & Noble: Pros, Cons of Selling Off Nook

Would such a move be a boon or a bust for this bookseller recasting itself as a technology company?