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Barnes & Noble May Spin off Nook Business

Bookseller Barnes & Noble is considering spinning off its Nook digital business to help it grow.


Apple Event May Focus on iBooks, Says Analyst

Apple may highlight changes to its iBooks this month at the rumored January event, according to one analyst.


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These chargers, cases, and other accessories for your smartphones and tablets can help make your trip a little smoother.

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Here's how to convert ePub files into a format that you can read on your Kindle.


Cheap Gift Alert: Kobo's Refurbished $50 E-Reader Sale

The $50 deal is one of those while-supplies-last offers.


Amazon Vows to Fix Flaws in Kindle Fire

Amazon promises to update the Kindle Fire's software before Christmas in answer to early customers' complaints, but not everything can be patched.


Amazon Kindle Fire Criticized for Lack of Parental Controls

The popular device doesn't enable parents to block access to pornography or adult content, or keep unattended kids from racking up charges.


Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 Review: An E-Reader That's Big on Style and Flexibility

With a touchscreen and a row of physical buttons beneath the display, this e-reader takes a different approach from its competition.


How to Share Amazon Kindle ebooks

I love reading, and I love books. I don't care much about the medium--paper or digital, it's all the same to me, for the most part.


Black Friday Sales Make Kindle Fire a Bestseller

For the last eight weeks, the number one selling product at the world's largest retailer has been the Kindle Fireā€”and Black Friday sales kept it there.