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New pricing, design, and capabilities bring Sony's new e-reader in line with, and ahead of, its competition.


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Do e-books need sound effects? One startup, Booktrack, thinks so.


Nook for Android Review: A Must-Have App for Avid Readers

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Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader Joins Uprising against Apple App Store

Walmart also attempts to buck Apple with the launch of its new Vudu web app independently of the App Store.


How to Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle Ebook

Book deals are hard to come by, but with the advent of electronic books--and with the availability of simple, affordable self-publishing options--anyone can be an author. Here's how to start.

Aluratek Libre Air: Tiny, Cool, Affordable Ebook Reader

Exceptionally small and lightweight, the Libre Air offers Wi-Fi integration with Kobo books and a proprietary nonbacklit LCD that's as readable as E Ink and even more responsive.


Aluratek Libre Touch Color E-Reader Has Usability Flaws

Aluratek's budget Android-based ebook reader bundles some useful extras, but falls flat in usability.


Bookeen Cybook Orizon: Touchscreen Ebook Reader Needs Better Web Access

The Bookeen Cybook Orizon boasts a first-rate touchscreen e-paper display, but its Wi-Fi connectivity, browser, and integrated bookstore need a makeover for it to succeed.


Bookeen Cybook Opus Still Sleek, but Lacks Integrated Store

This e-reader retains the pleasing design and generous font options of its predecessor, but it remains pricey for a reader that lacks now-standard features.