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Give Your Kid the Building Blocks of Life: Giant DNA Plush Dolls

Who says that learning and playing can't be the same thing? Biochemies DNA plush dolls encourage the pursuit of science while your kid thinks they're just playing with dolls.


Need Linux Skills? 12 Places to Learn Online

As Linux grows in popularity, virtual learning opportunities abound. Check out these dozen options.

Go Back to School on the Web

Education is expensive--unless you use a free independent-learning site such as Khan Academy or Open Yale Courses on your free time. But if your spare time is limited, you’ll want to choose one academic site that’s best for you.

38 Incredibly Useful Sites

If you haven’t tried underappreciated online services such as Earndit, PageOnce, and Rdio, you’re missing out on some of the Web’s handiest sites for managing your money, your health, your music, and more.

6 Tips for Smart Back-to-School Spending on Tech

Got a college-bound kid? Here's how to equip your digital student without breaking the bank account.


Visual Thesaurus: Useful for Everyone, Essential for Word Nerds

Central to this Visual Thesaurus Web-based software is a graphical synonym finder that’s fun, useful and educational.

Little Voice Commander Gets Toddlers to Interact With PCs

Work on a toddler's vocabulary, pronunciation--and early computer skills--with Little Voice Commander.

Open University Launches Business-Led IT Degrees

Open University has launched two new computing and IT degrees that it says will make students ready for business on graduation.

Business Video: Get Ready for the Surge

Video traffic is expected to grow from 50% of all Internet traffic today to 90% by 2013.

Students Can Improve Writing With WordQ + SpeakQ

It won’t write papers for us, but WordQ and its SpeakQ plug-in take some of the pressure off struggling student writers.