Don't-Miss Stories

Download Free Reference Guides for Popular Apps

Perfect for novice users, these single-page posters offer tips, shortcuts, and other handy info. And they're free!

Make Sense of Any Text--In Any Language--With gTranslate Firefox Add-on

With gTranslate installed in your Firefox browser, a quick right-click can automatically translate almost any online text.

Babylon Translation Tool Does a So-So Job

This pricey translation tool that doesn't offer much more than free online services do.

Find Cool DIY Projects at Instructables

Like to build, tinker, hack, create? Instructables is the site for you. I defy you not to find a cool project you want to do right now.

Apple's Woz Boosts Tech for Schools

The Apple co-founder has joined the board of, which aims to get technology to all students regardless of income.

Find Out How to Do (Almost) Anything at WikiHow

Ever wondered how to do, well, anything? Chances are good you'll find a handy how-to guide at WikiHow.

Four Online Alternatives to Microsoft Encarta

Need to look something up? Library closed for the night? No worries: These four sites are chock full of answers.

Apple Resurrects the 17-inch iMac

The smaller model is a perfect fit for schools newly equipped with federal funds, Apple says.

Virtual Schools Rapidly Building Online Education Foothold

The nation's kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) public schools are no longer simple brick-and-mortar buildings.

ITunes University: Better Than the Real Thing?

The lazy college student who watches all of his lectures from his dorm room via podcast may do better on his next exam than the one who never misses a class.