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Word Trouble? Consult TheSage for Free

Consult TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus for just the right word at just the right price: free.

Removal of OLPC Donation Program Rattles Observers

OLPC's removal of the "Give a School" concerns observers that a change in focus to larger deployments is on tap.

Spyware Case Finally Closed for Teacher Julie Amero

Former schoolteacher Julie Amero has paid a $100 fine to end her infamous spyware case.

Apple Launches Internal University

Veteran of Yale, Harvard and Stanford business schools will head new 'Apple U' for in-house training.

New Law Clamps Down on File-Sharing on Campus

Legislation governing peer-to-peer file-sharing is forcing university tech departments to get tough on piracy.

Yahoo Gives Students Prizes for Widgets

Students from four Singapore universities won prizes for their widget development.

Sprint to Launch In-Store Training for Customers

Newbies and techies alike can benefit from the service, Sprint says.