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Email privacy in focus as Tax Day arrives

Opponents of warrantless email gathering include Internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook -- and some lawmakers.

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The modern makeover of's calendar is packed with features that Windows 8's baked-in Calendar app just can't match.

Could Outlook alter the sorry state of email apps for Windows RT?

Great email options are few and far between for Windows RT users. But rumors suggest that a version of Outlook capable of running on Windows RT devices is in the works.


Yahoo Mail gets Dropbox support to handle large attachments

Attaching large files to an e-mail used to be a major hassle, but e-mail providers like Yahoo are now tapping into cloud storage services to make it easier.


Hands on with Mailbird, a fast, slick, Sparrow-inspired email client for Windows

Mailbird mimics the uber-popular (and now defunct) Sparrow OS X app right down to its name, but is this beta client ready for email prime time?

Look in the mirror: Adults apparently text while driving even more than teens do

Despite strict laws, awareness campaignsm and the desperate pleas of Oprah Winfrey, people can't stop texting while driving.



The "Other" Facebook inbox you didn't know you had

You might just have a boatload of unread messages waiting for you.


How to mute annoying email threads in Gmail

Sick of endless email threads? Can't delete them? Mute them instead! Gmail makes it easy.

Feds will need a search warrant to read your email if new bill passes

The government will soon need a search warrant to go through your e-mail, if a bipartisan bill introduced on Tuesday in the Senate passes.


Dropbox acquires Mailbox

Dropbox has acquired the popular free email app Mailbox.