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Symantec Unveils Strategy to Protect Mobile Devices and Data

Symantec announced a new tools and services to help IT admins, communications providers, and end users protect and secure mobile devices and the data they contain.

BlackBerry Backup Encryption Broken by Russians

A Russian company that specialises in cracking tools claims it has broken the password protection used to secure data backups from BlackBerry smartphones.


Encryption Won't Protect Your BlackBerry Now

A pair of Russian software developers have teamed on a password-cracking program for the BlackBerry.


What's Up With Encryption?

Indeed whatever the reason, encryption technologies seem to be behind a series of important security happenings of late.

Getting Your Data Safely Across the Border

The ACLU has sued the US government claiming that laptop searches without cause are a violation of Fourth Amendment rights, but you can take steps of your own to get your data across the border without legal action.

Can a Relative or Roommate Spy on Me?

If you're both adults, can someone you're living with spy on your Internet habits?

Tighten Your PC's Security With Encrypt Stick

Feature-laden security utility Encrypt Stick runs from a flash drive and installs no software on your PC.

Reliable Encryption for the Rest of Us

The useful free TrueCrypt download protects your private information with minimal fuss.

Toucan Portable App Fits Backup and Sync Into a Small Package

Back up, sync, and encrypt with free and portable utility Toucan.

Benefits of Google Encrypted Search

Google's new SSL-encrypted search guards search data crossing the Web, and locally.