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Firefox Add-on Firesheep Brings Hacking to the Masses

A Firefox browser add-on called Firesheep makes hacking Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live accounts a snap over unencrypted wireless networks.


Best Password Managers: Top 4 Reviewed

These four password managers (1Password, Clipperz, LastPass, RoboForm) offer security anytime, anywhere

Symantec Unveils Strategy to Protect Mobile Devices and Data

Symantec announced a new tools and services to help IT admins, communications providers, and end users protect and secure mobile devices and the data they contain.

BlackBerry Backup Encryption Broken by Russians

A Russian company that specialises in cracking tools claims it has broken the password protection used to secure data backups from BlackBerry smartphones.


Encryption Won't Protect Your BlackBerry Now

A pair of Russian software developers have teamed on a password-cracking program for the BlackBerry.


What's Up With Encryption?

Indeed whatever the reason, encryption technologies seem to be behind a series of important security happenings of late.

Getting Your Data Safely Across the Border

The ACLU has sued the US government claiming that laptop searches without cause are a violation of Fourth Amendment rights, but you can take steps of your own to get your data across the border without legal action.

Can a Relative or Roommate Spy on Me?

If you're both adults, can someone you're living with spy on your Internet habits?

Tighten Your PC's Security With Encrypt Stick

Feature-laden security utility Encrypt Stick runs from a flash drive and installs no software on your PC.

Reliable Encryption for the Rest of Us

The useful free TrueCrypt download protects your private information with minimal fuss.