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Vendors Tap Into Cloud Security Concerns With New Encryption Tools

Security vendors are rolling out new technologies designed to let companies take advantage of cloud computing environments without exposing sensitive data...

Portable App Encrypt Stick Adds Secure Browser

Version 5 of this USB encrypting software includes a secure browser in the paid version--and neither the paid nor the free version still installs nothing on your PC.

How Digital Rights Management Could Ensure Cloud Security

Could much-despised Digital Rights Management (DRM) be an equitable solution to cloud security concerns?

Self-Encrypted Drives Set to Become Standard Fare

As secure data storage becomes more crucial, more companies are moving to on-board data encryption.

Former Contractor Says FBI Put Back Door in OpenBSD

A former government contractor says that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation installed a number of back doors into the encryption software used by the...

Encrypt Sensitive Data for Free with Cryptainer LE

This free security app protects your files in encrypted virtual drives.

WikiLeaks: Don't Shoot the Messenger

WikiLeaks is taking a lot of heat for exposing sensitive information, but the real issue is the fact that WikiLeaks was able to obtain the confidential data in the first place.

Ransomware Attack Resurfaces to Hold Files Hostage

New GpCode ransomware variant encrypts files and holds them hostage--extorting $120 in exchange for the key to salvage them.

WinZip Courier Shrinks Files Sent With MS Outlook

Compress and encrypts e-mail attachments from directly inside Outlook with WinZip Courier.

Dell Offering First Encryption Product

Dell Wednesday announced its first endpoint encryption product, along with the possibility of factory installation on certain Dell PCs.