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Device recycling standards could make mobile friendlier

This week at Mobile World Congress, the Device Renewal Forum announced an official standard for renewing devices that includes military-grade data wiping, environmentally responsible recycling of materials, and a database to check for stolen handsets.


Apple supplier penalized for polluting nearby river in China

An Apple supplier known for making iPads has been penalized by Chinese authorities for turning a nearby river in Shanghai "white" after dumping pollutants during the nation's Spring Festival holiday.


The dirty and dangerous side of tech

Your gadgets may be full of stuff that hurts the environment, other people, and maybe even you.


E-waste firm convicted of falsely promising to recycle in the US

Electronic waste recycling firm Executive Recycling has been convicted of multiple crimes, including environmental violations related to illegal disposal of e-waste overseas, mail and wire fraud, and smuggling and obstruction, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

Wipro, HP top Greenpeace list of green electronics companies

Apple ranking drops with low marks on supply chain emissions, product life cycles.

I Got Up In Al Gore's Face

Would a cabinet-level position let Gore sell his vision of a self-regulating, wind and solar-powered Smart Grid to power America?

Greenpeace Catches U.S. E-Waste Going to China

Protestors from Greenpeace boarded a ship in Hong Kong Port on Saturday that they say was carrying electronic waste from the U.S.