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Employees Still Flummoxed by Office's Ribbon

Business have yet to embrace the 'ribbon' interface in Microsoft's Office suite, four years after its debut, a research firm says.

Microsoft Offers Web Embeddable PowerPoint, Excel

Microsoft has added new features to its online companion services for Microsoft Office and Windows.

9 Ways to Spice Up Office 2010 Documents

Business doesn't have to be boring. These simple tricks can turn plain-vanilla content into alluring, evocative communication.

Office Tab Makes It Easier to Manage Open Office Docs

Increase efficiency by adding tabs to Microsoft Office with Office Tab.

Advanced Office Password Recovery Home Lets You Into Your Microsoft Office Programs

Recover simple passwords from Microsoft Office programs with Advanced Office Password Recovery Home.

Office 2010 Review: Inside Microsoft's Newest Suite

Web-based apps and robust collaboration tools in Microsoft's new Office suite give users good reasons to upgrade.

Add 'Command Search' to Office 2007

Can't find the function you want in the Office 2007 Ribbon? This secret add-on adds a dynamic search field for all menu commands.

Access Twitter While You Pretend to Work

How's this for a hassle: The boss won't let you use Twitter at the office! Well, you'll show him--unless he's reading this, that is.

Microsoft Plugs Excel Holes

Two bulletins fix security vulnerabilities on a quieter than usual Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft Office 2010: An Intriguing Beta

The revised productivity suite introduces interface tweaks, modest but useful desktop innovations, and integration with minimalist Web apps.