Don't-Miss Stories

Excel Bug Will Be Ignored on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft last week said that three Windows security updates, including one rated "critical," will be released today.

Track Your Expenses On the Go With TextHog

This handy SMS-based expense tracker lets you track your expenses from your phone, then analyze them online.

Hackers Exploit Excel 'Zero-Day' Flaw

Microsoft confirms critical bug as attacks target Asian government offices, corporations.

How to Boost Your Company's Sales

One of the most efficient and least expensive solutions to boosting sales is to focus on creating better processes and to leverage the existing tools you already have.

How to Lock Down the Data in Your Apps

Microsoft's Remove Hidden Data tool makes sure that no embarrassing comments are left in your older Microsoft Office documents. For Office 2007, use the Document Inspector command to vet your metadata. Also: NASA tells you how to make sure blacked out info in electronic documents remains unavailable.

Create Great Business Graphics Without Excel

A dedicated data-visualization tool can take the hassle out of creating smart charts for your business.

Make Office 2007 More Compatible

Change default file formats so that alternate office software and operating systems can still open your work.

Customize Microsoft Excel for Power Use

These five essential Excel configuration tweaks will help you get to your files faster, improve menu navigation, and enhance your formatting options.

The Google Android Phone Arrives

T-Mobile's G1, the first phone out with Google's Android operating system, is finally here. The G1 boasts excellent ergonomics and call quality, but it's held back by basic omissions, such as no standard headphone jack and a camera with few features.


How Do I Get a Text-Based Report Into Excel

Bob De Tchon has a mailing list kept in an old DOS program. He wants to import it into Excel.