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Facebook fixes timeline bug, cites language trouble in delay

A Facebook engineer blamed language difficulties and documentation issues for a delay in fixing a bug that let a security researcher post directly to founder Mark Zuckerberg's Timeline, which is restricted if two users aren't friends.

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Beware spammers thriving in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a haven for spammers, and the world's largest social network is doing almost nothing to stop them. Here's what you can try.


Facebook mesh networking (3)

Facebook eyes making local connections with mesh networks

Facebook has designed a system that would allow individuals and advertisers to make direct connections to those physically nearby that share similar interests or are open to receiving certain advertisements.

Facebook Payments

Facebook mobile payments a boon for businesses

Facebook's huge active community makes its latest feature a great way for businesses to turn followers into revenue

Facebook disables some legitimate apps while targeting malicious ones

The use of tools to detect malicious patterns in apps led Facebook to temporarily disable some legitimate third-party apps that integrate with the social networking website.

Facebook Payments

Facebook readies roll-out of mobile payment system for e-commerce

Facebook's new mobile payment system may place it in direct competition with PayPal.


Facebook's Graph Search puts Apache Giraph on the map

Move over Hadoop, there is another highly scalable data-processing powerhouse in town: Apache Giraph. Facebook is using the technology to bring a new style of search to its billion users.

Facebook eyes 'cold flash' to store those old baby pictures

Facebook wants to use a new type of flash for long-term storage of data such as photos and videos.

Facebook buys speech translation software company

Facebook is acquiring a company that specializes in speech interpretation and translation software. The move, disclosed Monday, could help Facebook better connect its users across the globe.

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Date night? Nab an OpenTable reservation without leaving Facebook

Facebook adds OpenTable integration, movie times, and TV listings to mobile pages.