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Facebook expands in Europe as it scoops up new employees

Facebook is moving to bigger offices in London and Dublin to accommodate its rapidly expanding European workforce.

Twitter sets IPO price at $26

The company said Wednesday that it plans to sell 70 million shares to the public starting Thursday.

Facebook goes open source with query engine for big data

Facebook wants other data-driven organizations to use, and it hopes, refine Presto, its SQL query engine.

facebook privacy

Facebook considers friending your mouse tracks

Facebook is reported to be contemplating a technology that will allow it to track the cursor movements of its users.

Tech industry calls for 'oversight and accountability' of NSA surveillance

Internet companies in the U.S. are demanding that the surveillance practices of the U.S. should be reformed to enhance privacy protections and provide "appropriate oversight and accountability mechanisms."

Some teens may indeed be anti-Facebook

This is one of the first times that the social network has identified a decrease in its teenage users. Where are they going? It may be Twitter.


Facebook's phone-first strategy is paying off -- to the tune of $2 billion

Facebook makes almost half of its ad revenue from the ads you see on your phone.


Facebook strengthens its grip on mobile, latest earnings show

Mobile is a critical area of Facebook’s business as more Internet users migrate away from the desktop in favor smartphones and tablets.

Facebook’s first real phone shouldn’t be a BlackBerry

Zuckerberg says hardware isn't part of Facebook's mobile-first strategy. So what's up with the BlackBerry meetings?


Save your Internet bacon with two-factor authentication

Why log in once when you can log in twice? Two-factor authentication can give you some added protection, and it's fairly easy to set up.