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Facebook tries to break the news with FB Newswire

The new tool will verify and surface news-related content on Facebook in real time

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Facebook's WhatsApp buy could finally kill SMS

If every smartphone user has Facebook, what's the point of SMS?

Facebook’s first real phone shouldn’t be a BlackBerry

Zuckerberg says hardware isn't part of Facebook's mobile-first strategy. So what's up with the BlackBerry meetings?


Facebook brings Home’s best feature to Android app

Facebook's latest update for Android delivers the popular Cover Feed to users with phone supported by Home.


Facebook slams brakes on HTC First's international plans following poor Home reception

Ruh-roh, 'Raggy! HTC First's British carrier slams the brakes on launch plan at Facebook's suggestion. Facebook Home, it seems, doesn't feel too homey.


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Facebook Home hits HTC One and (unofficially) the Galaxy S4

Facebook Home may have hit 1 million downloads, but it's not running on a million smartphones, although support is expanding to additional models.


Facebook Home surpasses 500,000 installs, gets lots of one-star reviews

Facebook Home surpasses 500,000 installs, but more than half of the reviews on Google Play are only one star.


TechHive TechWatch: Google Glass, Microsoft smartwatch, Facebook Home ads

This week on TechWatch, Carlos and Jon ponder what's missing from Google's glasses, fondly remember Microsoft's first smartwatch, and question whether Facebook Home is safe for the workplace.


Review: HTC First is the phone for Facebook junkies (and no one else)

The HTC First may not look that impressive on paper, but its close ties with Facebook make it the phone for fans of the social network.


Microsoft Watch, Google Glass, and Windows Blue - TechWatch

Microsoft Watch, Google Glass, and Windows Blue - TechWatch

Facebook Home panned by some early users

The social networking behemoth released the offering Friday, but users so far are giving it significantly more one-star ratings on Google Play than five-star ratings.