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TechHive TechWatch: Facebook Home, iPhone 5S and Xbox Durango

On the premiere episode of TechHive's weekly news show, Carlos Rodela and Jon Phillips riff on Facebook's new smartphone software, Apple rumors, and Microsoft's upcoming game console.


Facebook Home, Apple iPhone 5S, and Xbox Durango - TechWatch

Facebook Home, Apple iPhone 5S, and Xbox Durango - TechWatch

Review: Facebook Home is a social butterfly's dream

Facebook Home is a new launcher that brings the social network to the forefront of your Android smartphone, which is great—if you’re into that sort of thing.


HTC First smartphone will please Facebook junkies

A roundup of reviews of the new HTC First indicates that Facebook addicts will love its installation of Facebook Home. Otherwise, the phone doesn't seem to be anything special.


Privacy details for Facebook's new Home software

Facebook last week released new software for Android phones called "Home." The software is a set of apps that you can download to put Facebook photos and messaging front and center on your mobile device.


The experts agree: Ban Facebook Home in your BYOD workplace

Social network's new overlay for Android smartphones 'would be the first thing I would block on my network,' said one security adviser.

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Facebook addresses concerns of how Home affects privacy

Facebook has posted a Q&A on its website about the privacy implications of its new Facebook Home software for Android phones, though it was unclear if it has addressed all the concerns raised.

Hands on with Facebook Home and the HTC First smartphone

At first glance, Facebook Home and the HTC First look like good bets for social butterflies, but power users and those who don't like 24/7 connectivity may opt out.