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SnapChat enhancements make snaps less fleeting, riskier

Third-party products and SnapChat options are eroding the privacy of the photo app beyond ten seconds of fame.


Child with phone

Study: 1-in-10 UK 5-year-olds have mobile phones

Study finds that kids who can't read a clock yet have mobile phones now.


Parents renew demand for tools to protect kids online

Parents, educators, and government agencies are expected to shell out more than $1 billion on child-safe Internet software in 2013.

Modified online children's privacy rules take effect in US

Some websites and mobile app developers are confused about how to comply with revised rules governing the online collection of personal information from children that took effect in the U.S. Monday, critics said.

How to child-proof the Internet

Child predators, pornography, online bullying—kids can stumble into all sorts of trouble online. Make sure your PC, mobile devices, and social networks are safe with these simple tips.

DreamWorks deal will bring 300 hours of original kids' shows to Netflix

A massive deal will bring DreamWorks movies and 300 hours of original content to Netflix, based on new franchises, DreamWorks classics, and oldies like Voltron and Archie.

Upgrade Father's Day with high-tech takes on old-timey gifts

All those traditional Father's Day gifts get a high-tech overhaul.


screenshot of parental layer in Leo's Pad.

Adaptive learning application lets parents track what kids have learned

A new feature released Tuesday from children's app maker Kidaptive lets parents track the progress of what their children are learning inside the company's first story and game application.

Go digital for last-second gifts this Mother's Day

You're running out of time to pick up a gift for mom. But if she's already got a mobile device, giving electronic gift cards and apps is a breeze.


FTC tightens privacy rules for kids’ apps

App platforms such as Apple’s App Store are exempt from new FTC regulations that require apps to obtain parental consent before following children’s online behavior.