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Swiss Army-type file management utility Calibre can archive and organize your growing e-book library.

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Delete duplicate files from your hard disk with Easy Duplicate Finder--but check out its free competition first.

Delete Stubborn Files

Usrn asked the Desktops forum how to get rid of files that refuse to be deleted

AndroZip File Manager

In this versatile, easy-to-use utility, you'll find features that are sorely lacking in the standard Android OS.


Astro File Manager

This multifunction utility app adds necessary features sorely lacking in the stock Android OS.


Java Temporary Files

John asked the Web Browsing and Email forum if it’s safe to delete and block Java’s temporary files

Freebie Folder Size Exposes Disk Space Hogs

Easily navigate your hard disk with Folder Size--and find out why you have no free space on your terabyte drive.

Browse and Copy From Apple Device to Windows PC With iPad File Explorer

Browse the file system on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and freely copy files back and forth with iPad File Explorer.


Freebie Adebis Photo Sorter Puts Pics in Chronological Order

Click and sort your photos into separate folders by date, year, and month with Adebis Photo Sorter.

Get an Extra 250MB of Dropbox Storage

Who says you can't get something for nothing? A few easy clicks is all it takes to earn some extra free storage on Dropbox.