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Organize and categorize your files by traits--not disk location--with Tabbles Free.

Customize Hard Drive Searches With the Free Agent Ransack

Create powerful custom searches for files on your hard drive with Agent Ransack.

GoodSync2Go Pro, And You're Good To Go From PC to PC

Synchronize folders between PCs using a USB Flash drive and GoodSync2Go Pro.

Reverse 'Uh-Oh' Moments with Undo, Part 2

Even if you've mastered the art of Ctrl-Z, you may find that Undo comes in handy more often than you think.

TeraCopy Pro Has All the Features Windows's Copy/Move Function Lacks

Handle files far, far faster with TeraCopy Pro.

XYplorer Makes File Management a Breeze

Browse and copy files with this convenient, tabbed take on an old-school file utility.

Freebie Direct Folders Makes It Easier to Reach Files and Work With Them

Add one-step navigation to folders--and customize the Windows file open/save dialogs--with handy utility Direct Folders.

Rename a File After You've Saved It

Windows offers no obvious way to rename the file you're currently working on. Here are two easy methods.

Beef Up Windows' Copy/Move Function With TeraCopy Home

TeraCopy Home replaces the Windows copy/move function with all the features that Windows should have.

Recover Missing Files

Yvonne asked the Answer Line forum for help recovering missing files