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Search files in a flash with SwiftSearch

This tiny utility lets you find files almost instantly, and you can run it off a flash drive.

Print all the files, or a list of all the files, in a folder

Mikecool asked the Printers forum how to print all of the files in a folder. I'm expanding the question to include printing a list of files.

Review: JPEGmini compresses your pictures dramatically with little loss of detail

JPEGmini lets you easily compress your JPEG pictures to save room on your hard drive—without any significant loss in detail.

In Android, move a photo to another folder

Once he's snapped a photo with his Android phone, Bob wants to move it to another folder

Three cool ways to tweak File Explorer in Windows 8

With a couple easy changes, you can make Windows' file manager even better.

Review: AllDup is a free and flexible way get rid of duplicate files

AllDup is free software to find and get rid of duplicate files on your PC. It offers a myriad of useful options and settings, but these are arranged in a cluttered and confusing interface.

Automatically delete a huge amount of duplicate files

Duplicate-file-finding programs expect you to manually check each file for deletion. That's not practical for Edward Derbyshire, who has "121,000 duplicates" to delete.

Review: Convert almost any entertainment file to another format with free Adapter

With so many devices and so many operating systems, being able to easily change a file format is a necessity. Free desktop software Adapter fills this need in most situations.

Copying grows along with data, driving attempts to rein it in

All that new data flowing into enterprises can bring along an expensive partner: multiple copies.

How to do smarter file searches in Windows 8

One of Windows 8's most celebrated features can also be one of its most frustrating. Here's an alternative.