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Samsung Link set to replace AllShare Play multimedia-sharing app

Samsung's AllShare Play application, which allows file sharing among the company's mobile devices, has been renamed Link, and it has a new user interface and search features.


Megaupload can appeal evidence ruling in New Zealand Supreme Court

New Zealand's Supreme Court on Thursday granted Megaupload leave to appeal a ruling that denied it access to evidence the U.S. government holds.

France should soften Internet 'three strikes' law, says gov't report

France should stop cutting off the Internet access of those accused of illicit file sharing, and close down the agency that polices online copyright breaches, according to a government-commissioned report.

BitTorrent partners with Cinedigm for first film promotion

BitTorrent explores feature film distribution, opens file-syncing project to the public.


pirate bay

The Pirate Bay switches domain to Greenland

In a bid to avoid Swedish authorities, the file-sharing site changed its domain from Sweden's .se to Greenland's .gl.


The simple, practical way to share a Dropbox folder

Karen uses Dropbox, and wants to share files with people who don't have--or want--a Dropbox account.

Torrent site IsoHunt loses copyright-infringement lawsuit appeal

MPAA hails court ruling on the copyright-infringement case that involved the file-sharing site.


pirate bay

The Pirate Bay admits to North Korean hosting hoax

Did the Pirate Bay really find safe haven in a North Korean (Internet) port? Of course not, the site said this morning—yesterday's hosting news was nothing more than a not-so-elaborate prank.

ISPs roll out six strikes program this week

This week, the five major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the U.S. will roll out the Copyright Alert System (CAS), also known as the six strikes program.


The Pirate Bay timeline

Here is a short history of The Pirate Bay and its founders.