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TechHive: What's New in Firefox 15 for Desktops and Android

Between the memory improvements in desktop Firefox and the overhauled Android app, Mozilla seems to be getting its groove back.

Firefox 17 Will Boost Add-On Security

Upcoming release will add an extra level of protection between add-ons and Mozilla's popular browser.

Mozilla to End Support of Firefox for OS X Leopard

Mozilla will drop support in October, after it ships Firefox 16.

Chrome Up, Chrome Down in Browser Share Battle

Google's Chrome lost usage share for the fifth time in the last seven months, while Mozilla's Firefox gained share for the second consecutive month.

Three More Browser Shortcuts You Should Know

Now that you've mastered keyboard-powered bookmarks and downloads, let's focus on navigating your browser--without touching your mouse.

Access Your Browser Downloads with a Single Keystroke

Another handy keyboard shortcut you should know, this one pops open your Downloads list.

Firefox Add-Ons: More Than 3 Billion Downloaded So Far

More than 85 percent of all Firefox users have at least one add-on installed, Mozilla says.

Silent Update Speeds Firefox 14 Uptake

Firefox 14 accounted for nearly half of all copies of the open-source browser in use just a week after its launch.

Bookmark Any Web Page with a Single Keystroke

Want to improve your Web-browsing productivity? Learn the keyboard shortcut for bookmarking the page you're on.

Firefox 15 Beta Tackles Memory Leaks

Next version will improve memory management for users of add-ons and support Opus audio, developers say.