Don't-Miss Stories

Firefox 12 Puts an End to Annoying Updates

Windows users will no longer need to give permission each time a browser update arrives.

Mozilla Blocks Java in Firefox for Some Mac Users

Mozilla this week began blocking outdated versions of a Java plug-in in Firefox for some Mac users.

Get the Best of Firefox 4 With Status-4-Evar

Restore some of the information lost in the name of Spartan interfaces with Status-4-Evar.

Sync Browser Bookmarks Between Windows and Android

JimH443 asked the Web Browsing and Email forum how to keep the same browser bookmarks on his PC and his Android phone


Do-Not-Track Tools: Hands-On Showdown

Regulators are urging Internet companies to alert consumers about their data-gathering activities--but if you want to seize control now, some browser add-ons can help.

Firefox Makes Progress on Metro Version

Designing a Windows 8 Metro interface for the Mozilla browser "extremely important," platform engineer says.

Mozilla Teases Windows 8 Metro Firefox with Screenshots

Instead of having tabs at the top of the screen, Metro-style Firefox may use a sidebar, with thumbnail images for each tab.

Firefox Add-on Pentadactyl Lets You Browse Mouse-Free

Based on the Vim interface, Pentadactyl for Firefox lets you browse the Web without a mouse.

Mozilla Sets End of Firefox Support For Early Version of Windows XP

Next month's Firefox 12 will be the last version of Mozilla's browser to run on early editions of Windows XP and the 12-year-old Windows 2000.

Firefox to Turn on Default Encryption for All Google Searches

Mozilla is currently testing default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users, with the intent to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future.