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Google offers $3.14M in potential prizes at annual Pwnium hacking contest

Google Monday announced it would again host its Pwnium hacking contest at a March security conference, but boosted the maximum amount it will pay to $3.14 million and changed the target to the browser-based Chrome OS.

Access Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings in your Netflix library

With a little browser hacking, you can get more info on the movies you're thinking of watching.

Mozilla's developer preview handset offers Firefox OS clues

The device provides a general idea of what to expect when Firefox OS handsets debut in the coming months


Firefox's PDF viewer may boost security by boring hackers

A built-in PDF viewer component based on JavaScript and HTML5 Web technologies has been added to the beta version of Firefox 19, Mozilla said. The browser may still not be bulletproof, but a built-in viewer will be of less interest to intruders, security experts suggest.

Firefox 19 enters beta with a native PDF viewer and extra ARMv6 support

The browser's mobile version is now available to 15 million more phones, Mozilla says.

Firefox 18 delivers a jolt of speed to Web apps and games

Performance is now up to 25 percent faster thanks to a new JavaScript compiler, Mozilla says.

Ubuntu, Firefox line up to take on iOS, Android in 2013

BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 will also be taking part in the smartphone battle


Mozilla caves on x64 Firefox development after uproar

Mozilla on Friday backtracked from a decision to suspend all work on a 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows, acknowledging that user criticism had changed its mind.

Firefox gets an all-new private browsing mode

Users can now keep their existing Firefox windows open when they launch a new private window.

Mozilla mods Firefox to feature Microsoft's MSN

A little more than a year after Mozilla debuted a customized version of Firefox starring Microsoft's Bing search engine, the open-source developer on Tuesday shipped another Microsoft tie-in, Firefox with MSN