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cosinuss gallery

Cosinuss in-ear sports monitor tracks your heart rate, no chest band required

Future models could also include sensors to monitor blood oxygen saturation and core body temperature


basis carbon steel activity tracker

Why Intel would want to snap up Basis fit-tech wearable company for $100+ million

PCs are losing relevance, and Intel is struggling for a foothold in phones. So why not go straight to wearables, and get in on the ground floor of The Next Big Thing?

mio alpha

Mio stays on the pulse of fitness hardware with its wrist monitors

Wrist-worn heart rate monitors with the same accuracy as a tight, uncomfortable chest strap? Be still my beating heart.


wearables opener mwc2014

The wearables of Mobile World Congress: These are the best we saw

Ready your wrists and wallets, because we saw a bunch of cool smartwatches, fitness bands and wearables in Barcelona.

Huawei TalkBand

Up close with TalkBand, the Bluetooth headset you wear around your wrist

It's a smartwatch, no it's a headset. Stop. You're both right.


SmartBand and Lifelog

Sony's SmartBand is just another wearable until you add the Lifelog app

The waterproof SmartBand is basically a Fitbit Flex with a couple extra features, but the secret sauce is the gorgeous Lifelog app...which you don't even need the SmartBand to use.


razer nabu 100225026 gallery

Razer's Nabu wearable attracts 10,000 developer sign-ups, and, yes, this is important

Once you unpack the details, the Nabu sign-ups tell us a lot about opportunity in the wearables space.


toddham iwatch all

Why a health-focused iWatch won't kill smartwatches like the iPod killed audio players

Nothing about current sensor technology or the wearables space in general tells us that Apple can roll in and dominate.