Don't-Miss Stories

Adobe Ends Mobile Flash Development, Report

Adobe will no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers, and will focus on HTML5 instead.


Adobe to Fix Flash Flaw That Allows Webcam Spying

Adobe is working on a fix for a Flash Player vulnerability that can be exploited via clickjacking techniques to turn on people's webcams or microphones without their knowledge.

Web Creatives Weigh in on Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

While HTML5 is replacing Flash for mainstream sites, online games and media-rich apps will get a boost from Flash Player 11 and AIR3.

How Adobe Flash Lost Its Way

Despite early successes on the Web, the latter years of Flash have been a tale of missed opportunities.

Urgent: Patch Adobe Flash to Protect against Zero-Day Exploit

Adobe released a critical update for Flash Player today that patches a zero-day security flaw currently being exploited in the wild.

Adobe Flash Player 11 Will Have an Eye on Gaming

The final versions of Flash Player 11 and Air 3 will be released in early October, and the new version of Flash comes with a hardware-accelerated 3D rendering engine.

iPhone Finally Gets Flash

Apple may not have approved it, but it appears as though iPhone users will soon gain access to Flash content.

HP Or No HP: The PC Lives

Clearly, the PC is dead, right? Well, no. Flexibility, innovation and users’ storage needs will keep it around a good long while.


Edge Keeps Adobe Relevant In a World without Flash

Adobe isn't ready to abandon Flash, but it sees the writing on the HTML5 wall so it created Adobe Edge to hedge its bets and provide tools for developers no matter which platform they choose.

Adobe's Edge Prepares for an HTML 5 Future

Analysis: The multimedia tool acknowledges -- and prepares Adobe's path in -- a world beyond Flash.