Don't-Miss Stories

IBM Speeds Storage Retrieval With Flash Drives

With an eye toward helping tomorrow's data-deluged organizations, IBM researchers have created a super-fast storage system.

Flash Player 11, Adobe AIR 3 Betas Released

Updated Flash Player adds 64-bit support for Mac OS X and advanced audio compression codec; AIR 3 technologies support advanced graphics rendering and high-definition video.

How to Encrypt a Hard Drive

Use encryption to prevent outsiders from gaining easy access to data on your hard drives and flash drives.


Adobe: Flash Dispute with Apple is 'Over'

It's not that Flash will appear on iPads, but that Android will soon dominate mobile devices, Adobe CEO says.


What Do You Do With an Infected CD, DVD, or Flash Drive?

Cyberknight asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum about safely handling infected external media

Nook Color Does Hulu Too With This Hack

Say goodbye to using your nook Color for means of study or reading books now Hulu is streamable.


Apple Proposes Smaller SIM Card for Slimmer Gadgets

Apple is reportedly working to reduce the size of the Sim cards used in its gadgets

Simple Hack Brings Hulu to Motorola Xoom

The lack of Hulu support for the Xoom is a pain. The guys at the XDA forums have a workaround.


Google Jumps Gun, Adds New Flash Player to Chrome

Google today jumped the gun by updating its Chrome browser with a new version of Flash Player that Adobe won't release until later today.

Cram Giant Amounts of Data Onto These Tiny Storage Drives and Cards

These eight cutting-edge hard drives, flash drives, and cards can hold multi-gigabytes of data and yet still slip in a shirt pocket.