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Adobe Says Honeycomb Tablets Will Get Flash in 'a Few Weeks'

Honeycomb is the first version of Android designed for tablets and is eagerly anticipated. Motorola's Xoom tablet will launch on Thursday with Honeycomb but initial versions won't come with Flash support.

Mobile Flash: Always Exciting, Always Not Quite Here Yet

Mobile Flash is still a work in progress.


Is It Safe to Format Flash?

After reading that defragging can wear out SSDs, Howard Meyer asked if it was safe to format flash drives and SD cards


Flash will Dominate Smartphones, Adobe Says

Adobe unveils Flash Player 10.2, which adds Stage Video to improve video performance on mobile devices, desktops, and TVs.


iPad to Lead 400% Surge in NAND Flash Use This Year

Consumer interest in tablets is behind a surge in NAND flash memory use that is expected to increase almost five-fold this year alone

Adobe Patches 42 Bugs in Reader, Flash

Adobe issued patches for 42 vulnerabilities, many rated critical, in its popular Reader and Flash products.

Kongregate Gives Android a Proper Flash Gaming Portal

Want to play flash games on your Android phone? GameStop's Kongregate will let you do that.


Flash to Offer More Control Over Cookies

Adobe will build in Control Panel access to Flash Player security settings, and Firefox and Chrome will have similar levels of control. But is it too little, too late?

Google Drops H.264 from Chrome; New Flash Battleground?

Will Google's choice to drop support for the H.264 video codec extend the life of Adobe Flash?

Speedy USB 3.0 Spec Quickly Becomes a Consumer Reality

Expect parity in pricing with USB 2.0 and for USB 3.0 everywhere in 2011.