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Apple's Purchase of Anobit Will Give It a Leg Up on Rivals

Apple's buyout of Israel-based solid-state drive (SSD) manufacturer Anobit Technologies will give the company a significant technological boost in the mobile market, and the deal could yield huge cost savings.

Adobe Grudgingly Accepts HTML5

As Flash gives way to open technologies, Adobe is retooling to support the new reality for developers.

Flash Player 11.1 Arrives for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy Nexus owners will get Flash Player update, which may be the last version of the plug-in for Android devices.


Two Zero-day Vulnerabilities Found in Flash Player

Two newly discovered vulnerabilities in Adobe's Flash Player can be exploited to execute arbitrary code remotely.

The Worst Web Design Mistakes, and How to Prevent Them

We all know a bad website when we see one, but what exactly makes it so, and how can you avoid making the same mistakes?

Farewell to Flash

Analysis: Maybe Apple's had a point all along; some things just are happier without Flash.

Ubuntu Shows DistroWatch Decline as Mint Soars

The figures are perhaps more surprising given that Canonical released the latest version of Ubuntu, 11.10, on October 13.


Mobile Flash for Android 4.0 Available by Year’s End

Adobe says its final update to mobile Flash will be available for select devices by early December.

Adobe: Flash for Ice Cream Sandwich by Year-End

Despite its plan to drop development of the mobile Flash Player, Adobe will release one more update to support Android 4.0, plus Linux tools.


Flash Would Be Welcomed By Some For Ice Cream Sandwich

If Adobe does support Flash for Android 4.0 it will come as good news to Android users and developers who are die-hard Flash fans, despite the popular view that it never worked well for mobile.