Don't-Miss Stories

How to Quit Flash: A Three-Step Program

Adobe is no longer supporting mobile flash, and Occupy Flash is calling for people to uninstall the plugin. Is your business ready for its eventual demise?

Adobe Will Keep Patching Flash on Mobile -- For Now

Adobe promises to support the soon-to-be-orphaned Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers with critical bug fixes and security updates.

RIM Stands by Flash as Adobe Pursues HTML5

Research in Motion will continue to use Adobe Flash Player, at least for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet, even after Adobe announced it will discontinue Flash for the mobile web.

Mobile Flash: Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Adobe and hardware makers kept telling the world that mobile Flash was fabulous, but my own eyeballs told me otherwise.


Need to Redesign Your Flash-Based Website? Adobe Still Has the Edge

With Adobe announcing the beginning of the end of Flash, what should businesses do with their Flash-based websites?

Flash Player Demise on Desktop Inevitable, but Years Away, Say Analysts

Adobe is transitioning from Flash plug-in to HTML5 for desktop browsers, too.

The Beginning of the End of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe is digging its own grave by ceasing development on Adobe Flash for mobile browsers.


RIP Adobe Mobile Flash: Will Anyone Miss You?

Adobe is killing its mobile Flash Player, according to reports, paving the way for HTML5 and a plugin free mobile multimedia experience.


Adobe Ends Mobile Flash Development, Report

Adobe will no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers, and will focus on HTML5 instead.


Adobe to Fix Flash Flaw That Allows Webcam Spying

Adobe is working on a fix for a Flash Player vulnerability that can be exploited via clickjacking techniques to turn on people's webcams or microphones without their knowledge.