Don't-Miss Stories

Twelve Free Fonts Make Custom Valentines Easy

Aim Cupid's arrows to fine advantage with downloadable styles made for romancing each and every special someone in your personal entourage.

Sorts Mill Goudy Revives a Classic Font

American text font classic Goudy Old Style is revisited in Sorts Mill Goudy by Barry Schwartz.

Swoon for Ornate, Extravagant Champignon Italic Fonts

The question in designing with Champignon and Champignon Swash fonts is not how much, but how little.

Chinese Watch Shop: An Edgy, Cinematic Display Font

Stark and unconventional, Chinese Watch Shop is a font waiting for the right title role.

Tattoo Lettering Fonts Express the Unforgettable (And Avoid the Regrettable)

Tattoo Lettering brings folk styling out from under the needle and onto the screen.

Sleek and Modern, Free Font Orbitron Is Ready to Take Off

Designers of the future, the Orbitron the type family will be there for you.

Prepare Your PC for Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year traditions call for cleaning house, wearing new clothes, and feasting with family...and your PC would like to join the celebration.

Monitor Resolution Too High

Artman's laptop screen has a 1900 x 1200 resolution, which makes the text too small and hard to read. He asked the Windows forum for help.

Chang Chang Lets You Welcome the Lunar New Year in Style

Welcome the Lunar New Year with Chang Chang, a display font with a culinary history.

Font Named for Doris Day Is Flirty and Fun

Doris Day steps in to the font spotlight with smart brush styling and charming curves.