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Intel Tom Steenman holding a IoT gateway

Intel debuts gateway 'middlemen' for Internet of Things

Intel announces a new version of its embedded Atom chip, as well as a new "gateway" line for designers of intelligent consumer devices.

Nissan autonomous car (2)

Why Japan's 2020 Olympics will revolutionize tech

Last month's awarding of the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo could be great news for technology.

Sharp's cleaner bot will make solar panels sparkle

Sharp came up with a robot that can clean 1,800 solar panels an hour.

Aquafairy portable fuel cell

Japanese start-up aims to bring hydrogen fuel cells to the masses in 2014

A Japanese start-up says it has finessed a technology that could finally make consumer-grade fuel cells a reality. If successful, the company, Aquafairy, would create a business where many much larger companies have failed.


Universities, IBM join forces to build a brain-like computer

IBM and four universities are planning a research project into cognitive computing, which seeks to build computers that operate in a manner closer to the human mind.

Medical pod tells you how healthy you are

The prototype at the Japanese electronics show can measure a number of vital signs simultaneously like weight, pulse, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation in the blood.

Sharp health pod (2)

Sharp's 'healthcare pod' gives health check-ups a futuristic touch

Putting a futuristic spin on the basic elements of a health check-up, Japan's Sharp has developed a sort of healthcare pod that allows people to look cool while their vital signs are measured.


Tizen could reach printers, cameras, smart TVs

Tizen is for tablets, smartphones and laptops, but the operating system could also be headed to printers, cameras and smart TVs.

Stir's Kinetic Desk prompts you to take a stand

This desk raises, it lowers, it breathes -- and it’s watching you.


3D printing in the kitchen gives new meaning to fast food

3D printing comes to the kitchen, as developers experiment with printing meals to please palates and combat food waste.

Wine-powered PC

Wine-powered computing may be in Intel's future, researchers suggest

The future of mobility lies in low-power devices powered by microwatts, Intel researchers suggested. At that level, high-school experiments become viable.

New 3D printing DRM copies Netflix's moves to blockade physical pirates

Now that 3D printing's becoming more popular, the rush to curtail copyright infringement begins.