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British academics brand Elon Musk's rapid transit system "Hyperloopy"

Academics have responded to Elon Musk's hotly-anticipated transport concept, Hyperloop, by calling it unrealistic and "hyperloopy".


Cheap components in Google Glass point to much lower prices ahead

The eventual retail cost of Glass could be one-fifth of what early adopters ponied up for the augmented eyewear, one analyst claims.


IBM scientists create a freaky brain-like computer architecture

IBM researchers have announced a breakthrough software ecosystem to complement their neuron-like computer chips.


Forget metadata, this tiny tooth-fitted sensor will record all your mouthdata

Researchers at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan have developed a tooth-sized sensor that can read everything you do with your teeth.


Nvidia prototypes its own VR headset, makes personal gaming slightly less nerdy

Is the Oculus Rift and other HMDs getting to heavy for your head? Nvidia prototyping a new light weight, thin unit that uses Lytro Camera technology.


Tracking Point smart gun redefines point-and-shoot

Technology is changing the future of firearms, as we see in this profile of a smart gun from Tracking Point.

This is not a toy: Oculus Rift's virtual talents could transform real lives

Affordable virtual reality gear isn’t just for gaming. It could change how people learn history, rehabilitate from injuries, and interact remotely.

Google doesn't plan to change its privacy policy for Glass

Glass may be a revolutionary device, but that doesn't mean Google plans to overhaul its unified privacy policy to better accommodate the gadget.


MIT researchers see through walls using 'Wi-Vi'

If Google Glass isn't enough to get you worried about technology, how about a device that can see through walls using Wi-Fi?



PayPal boldly ponders what no payment processor has pondered before: space

PayPal, which claims more than 128 million active accounts in 193 markets and 25 currencies around the globe, is now looking at outer space.

Intel scooter R&D (4)

Intel explores brain scanning to make roads safer

Researchers at Intel are hoping a little insight into the way drivers think as they hurtle down the highway can be harnessed to make roads safer.