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Galaxy Glass? Samsung files patent for smart spectacles

Is no body part safe from the Galaxy line's all-extending reach?


Beyond smartphones: 12 crazy places you'd never expect to find Android

Android is not just for phones and tablets. Its open-source nature has made it popular for lots of odd applications.


Google Glass firmware's new features may include voice commands like Call Me a Car

An examination of the latest Google Glass firmware hints at what features may come to Google's high-tech specs.


Nissan autonomous car (2)

Why Japan's 2020 Olympics will revolutionize tech

Last month's awarding of the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo could be great news for technology.

Sharp solar panel cleaner (1)

Sharp's robotic cleaner will make solar panels sparkle

It might not be immediately obvious, but with every solar panel installed comes a simple but essential piece of maintenance: regular cleaning.


Happy Birthday, NASA: 55 years of space-inspired tech

On October 1, 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) came into existence. Take a look back at 55 years of tech inspired by the space program.


John McAfee takes on the NSA with secure anonymity device

After dodging the cops in Belize and succumbing to the heat in Guatemala, eccentric millionaire is spitting in the eye of another authority with D-Central, a device intended to circumvent NSA drag-nets.

Wine-powered PC

Wine-powered computing may be in Intel's future, researchers suggest

The future of mobility lies in low-power devices powered by microwatts, Intel researchers suggested. At that level, high-school experiments become viable.


Raspberry Pi-powered camera network protects wildlife

The Kenya Wildlife Service has a powerful new tool in its fight against the poachers who threaten endangered species living in the country's most remote areas: a high-tech network of custom cameras called Instant Wild that can instantly locate illegal activity as well as keep tabs on nearby animals.


Are we missing life to focus on our mobile companions?

If you've ever felt isolated among your smartphone-obsessed friends and family, you're not alone. Do our mobile devices connect us or sentence us to solitary confinement?