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TrackingPoint's sensor-packed smart gun redefines the term 'point and shoot'

TrackingPoint's Linux-powered hunting rifle employs cutting-edge tracking technology to make anyone an excellent marksman.


Canary promises a sophisticated home-security system for the 47 percent

Company hopes to crowd-fund its way into the ranks of ADT and Vivint.


Droolworthy modern tech with retro design

Technology evolves, but maybe sometimes it shouldn't. These combinations of classic design and modern technology produce beautiful products that you probably can't afford. But looking is free.


Apple's new VP of Special Projects reignites iWatch and iTV speculation

Apple has hired Paul Deneve, until Tuesday the CEO of French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent, to work as its vice president for special projects, igniting fresh speculation about possible new product launches including a TV or wearable computing devices such as a smart watch.


ShotSpotter (1)

Police go high tech to tackle trigger-happy Fourth of July celebrations

Police in some U.S. cities will have a high-tech advantage this July 4 in their battle to deter and detect those who celebrate the country's birthday by firing bullets into the air.


Apple seeks 'iWatch' trademark in Japan

Apple has filed to trademark the phrase "iWatch" in Japan, amid rumors the company will soon launch a smart watch device globally.


The FAA may (finally!) relax in-flight electronics use limits

Put down that hollowed out copy of War & Peace! Pretty soon, you may not have to hide your iPad mini during takeoff and landing. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is moving toward relaxing the rules about using electronic devices on airplanes

How to slaughter zombies with household technology

Many of the tech gadgets we have lying around can be readily converted into lethal weapons for fighting the undead.


Eyes-on: Oculus Rift VR headset ramps up the resolution

Oculus Rift’s virtual worlds became even more immersive at E3 with the addition of a 1080p display and Unreal Engine 4 support.

Cut custom circuit boards with the Othermill

The Othermill aims to be a portable, desktop CNC machine that could help you build a custom-made printed circuit board.