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Original Star Trek tech: What has (and hasn't) panned out

We may not have the fancy gadgets of Star Trek: Into Darkness, but we've already surpassed much of the tech in the original series.


With motors, batteries, and Glass, women make stuff at Google I/O

A floating Lego raft. A spinning ping-pong ball. Give six women a littleBits kit, and stand back. Inventions from the Women TechMakers events at Google I/O.

Mind is what matters when you arm-wrestle with WrestleBrainia

Here's what it looks like when two grown men arm-wrestle via electrical signals.


Oculus Rift VR headset is easy to repair, at least for developers

Developers will have no problem cracking open the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that connects to a PC and plays 3D games. It's unclear what the final product will look like.


GameStick delay underscores the gamble of Kickstarter

PlayJam has delayed the release of its GameStick console, prompting gripes from some of its Kickstarter supporters.


google glass

Lawmakers seek ban on Google Glass while driving

Google hasn't even shipped its reality-augmentation glasses, and already the gadget has been banned in a bar and, perhaps soon, behind the wheel.


honda traffic app

Honda tests an app designed to reduce traffic congestion

Honda is testing a traffic app that doesn't simply reroute you when congestion occurs; it purportedly helps prevent the jam in the first place.


cody wilson defcad

Gun maker: Printing 3D gun parts a 'step toward liberty'

The co-founder of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson, discusses the company's distribution of designs for gun parts that can be produced using 3D printers and his plans for expansion, as well as the mixed reaction from the public.

Heat Meter measures energy use in real time

A new, Wi-Fi connected device called the Heat Meter allows homeowners to track propane, natural gas or oil use in real time and compare their home's efficiency with others in the area.


Heat Meter measures energy use in real time

Monitoring oil, natural gas or propane use typically means waiting until the end of the month when you get your bill, but a new device called the Heat Meter can report your energy use in real-time and compare your efficiency to other homes in the area.

What to expect at South by Southwest Interactive

South by Southwest Interactive has become a major launching pad for tech startups, apps, and web programs. What will we see this year?