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Do your homework before buying a new smartphone this Black Friday

A new report from FixYa reveals the most common issues reported for four leading models.

Galaxy Gear gets a custom ROM as Samsung talks up its smartwatch sales

The Galaxy Gear may or may not be selling well, depending on who you ask, but it'll a custom ROM for the smartwatch will definitely be available soon.


Samsung woos developers with promise of converged living rooms

Samsung believes that more customized apps will help convince consumers to pick its smartphones, tablets, and TVs over competing products and create loyalty.


Samsung Galaxy Gear (11)

Galaxy Gear to finally play nice with Galaxy S4, SIII, Note 2, and other Samsung devices

Will the move help Gear become a viable part of the mobile market. (Hint: probably not.)


Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung's curved Galaxy Round phone reportedly won't be available to the rest of the world anytime soon

According to reports, the curved Round is a limited run only for the Korean market.


Twitter optimizes Android app for one tablet -- the Galaxy Note 10.1

A partnership with Samsung resulted in Note-specific features like S-Pen doodles and multi-screen views in Twitter’s new Android app for tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Round

Nice curves! Samsung introduces the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved screen

Samsung introduces a 5.7-inch curved phone for sale in Korea.


Samsung Galaxy Gear review: Meet the smartwatch that simply tries too hard

Is Samsung making a serious run at the smartwatch market, or is the Gear just a clumsy experiment?


samsung galaxy note 3

Galaxy Note 3's region locking could cost world travelers

Samsung has returned to the onerous practice of region locking with the Galaxy Note 3, and that means you'll need to shell out big bucks to use the tablet abroad.


Samsung provides tools to nudge Galaxy devices into enterprise

Samsung announced its Solutions Exchange program Wednesday that will help companies write and deploy mobile applications on Samsung smartphones and tablets.