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Polk 4 Shot

Polk 4 Shot review: If only it were built with the PC in mind

The Polk 4 Shot features audio that lives up to Polk's brand, but it lacks features that are standard in other PC headsets.

Siberia Elite Prism

Siberia Elite Prism review: Clearer outgoing audio, quieter incoming audio

The good? A new microphone. The neutral? A looser fit than last year. The bad? An utter lack of volume.

Astro A50

Astro A50: Still king of wireless headsets, still expensive

The Astro A50 packs phenomenal sound and wireless convenience, if you're willing to throw down $300.

Mionix Nash 20

Mionix Nash 20 review: Minimal design, maximal sound

The Mionix Nash 20 is a bit heavy and oversized, but in return you get an excellent sense of presence.

Astro A38

Astro A38 review: A staggering price to pay for convenience

The A38 has fantastic audio for a Bluetooth headset, but at $200+ there are much better options available—especially when you're not on-the-go.

gaming headset round2

Headset reviews: Seven top-of-the-line models compete for your ears only

From the SteelSeries Siberia v3 to the latest Astro A50, these headsets will run you $100 or more—and you'll get what you pay for.

Siberia v3

Siberia v3 review: An old veteran gets an under-the-hood upgrade

The Siberia v2 is a classic amongst gaming enthusiasts. Is the v3 a worthy successor?

Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila preview: Total, brutal, unrelenting war

Spoiler: Attila the Hun is a bad, bad dude, and that whole 'Fall of Rome' thing? Yeah, that was pretty messed up too.

hk wallpaper

PC-exclusive Shadowrun sequel shatters Kickstarter goal in mere hours

The game's called Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and it's coming this summer. Details inside.

Grand Theft Auto V PC

Grand Theft Auto V for PC delayed yet again

You thought GTA V was releasing at the end of this month? Rockstar's here to slap you with cold, hard reality.