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Microsoft says Xbox One will launch in fewer markets than previously announced

Microsoft says the new gaming console has been delayed until 2014 in eight markets, including Russia and Switzerland.


Think Wii U sales are bad? Recall these 13 spectacular game console failures

The history of games hardware is sordid and complicated affair, filled with financial disasters.


Microsoft hides the Xbox One's DVR (and other killer features) behind a paywall

If you want the best the Xbox One has to offer, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Report: One PC shooter will drive $800 million in hardware purchases

While the overall PC market may be in decline, a report this week contends that the PC gaming market will continue to rise -- in a big, big way. Can you believe a single game was responsible for more than $800 million in hardware purchases?

Microsoft levels up the Xbox One's graphics capabilities with a GPU clock boost

The Xbox One is going to get a roughly 6.5 percent graphics boost thanks to a 53MHz bump to the console's GPU.

A Student's Guide to Gaming Systems

Kicking back with a great video game is a terrific way to give yourself a break from the pressures of school. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing a gaming system.

Xbox One's dead digital game sharing feature could be revived, says Microsoft exec

When Microsoft ditched the Xbox One's Internet connectivity requirement, it also ditched some useful features. At least one could make a comeback, however.

Ballmer outlines the road ahead for Microsoft Office, Skype, 'Bing Now'

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer outlines how Microsoft plans to reinvent the future of documents, collaboration, anticipatory data, and gaming.

Amiga 500

L.A. company picks up Amiga Games Inc. for $500,000

A Los Angeles-based distribution company, Writers’ Group Film Corp., says it will acquire Amiga Games Inc. (AGI), which reportedly has the rights to distribute more than 300 classic games. But if the games are classic Amiga or if the best Amiga games will be in this clutch is unclear.


Why AMD's next-gen console victories are a big win for PC gamers

What does the inclusion of AMD silicon in next-gen consoles mean to PC gamers? Nothing less than more games, better games, and more powerful PC hardware down the line.