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Gaming Keyboard roundup

Klash of the keyboards: We mash down hard on six all-new mechanical models

Do your fingers, wrists and gameplay a favor: Dump that crummy freebie you've been using and upgrade to one of these bad boys.

Logitech G710+

Logitech G710+ review: The latest in a string of excellent efforts

Minimalist it ain't, but it's still comparatively restrained and attractive for a macro-key-enabled gaming keyboard.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate review: Did Razer design a better switch?

Razer designed its own custom switches for this keyboard. And they're great (for gaming, that is).

SteelSeries 6GV2

SteelSeries 6GV2 review: A durable, but ultimately boring mechanical gaming keyboard

It's tough and it'd better be, because it's going to go through life being not quite as good as all the other mechanical keyboards.

Feenix Autore

Feenix Autore review: A pretty keyboard lacking in features

Supposedly inspired by the monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey," this board is both gorgeous and somewhat disappointingly minimalist.

Ozone StrikePro

Ozone Strike Pro review: A solid, but unremarkable effort

A blood-red backlight and customizable keyswitches are highlights, but not enough to set this slab apart from the rest.

Nvidia GeForce 800M series

Nvidia announces its all-new GeForce 800M line of notebook GPUs

New chips deliver more gaming power and longer battery life, plus other novel features.

rzrbladet14 03

Hands-on: Updated Razer Blade and Blade Pro laptops are slim, more supercharged

These gaming laptops add Nvidia's swanky new mobile GPUs, and the ultrathin Blade adds a Retina-class touch display and other goodies.

sillymods primary

10 weird, wild, and downright wacky PC game mods

Woody from Toy Story hijacking cars. The Kool-Aid Man trying to hit you with a car. And GTA meets Flappy Bird? These wacky mods are just plain weird, and oh so glorious.