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Valve convinces 14 PC builders to make Steam Machines a reality

The unanswered question: Which games will run on all those Steam Machines?


Razer's modular Project Christine makes building PCs as easy as building Legos

Razer's new Project Christine promises an end to snapping computer hardware together and wrangling cables. Also, it looks like a tree.

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Nvidia's G-Sync monitor tech makes PC games look smooth as silk

It's all about tearing, stuttering, and refresh rates

Nvidia's G-Sync monitor tech makes PC games look as smooth as silk.

Say buh-bye to tearing and stuttering, PC gamers.

Asus ROG PG278Q display

Asus shows off WQHD gaming monitor and jumps into the 4K display frenzy

The ROG Swift PG278Q supports resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels; the PB287Q delivers 3840 by 2160 pixels.

valve steam machine

Valve's Steam Machine gaming PC partners tipped ahead of CES reveal

And boy, are there a lot of them.

Valve’s Family Sharing plan increases security

Valve changed to two-factor authentication for its Steam Family Sharing plan on Friday, putting a cap on how many machines and users can access your digital games library.

tobii steelseires

SteelSeries, Tobii eye-tracking peripheral will let you control games with your gaze

Developers can order a hardware and software kit from new partner Tobii

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Papers, Parables, and Portugal: We pick the best PC games of 2013

Who needs console launches? We select the ten best PC games of 2013.

Boost your IQ: Boot up a game

Video games are good teachers. Even first-person shooters might teach skills you need for work.

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The best Ultrabooks, hybrids, tablets, and desktop PCs of 2013

We name the best mobile and desktop computers that shipped this year.